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Product Description

The R10 Series is new ribbon microphone and the aluminum ribbon is only 2.2 microns thick. Its tone is very beautiful and gentle, and has a wonderful transient response. This microphone is especially suitable recording for the instrument which has high SPL and large dynamic range, such as piano, percussion instrument, trumpet and horn etc.The SYR-10 head grill is a slope, the SYR-11 head grill is a cylinder, the SYR-12 head grill is a dome, and the SYR-14 is the microphone with three-pin plug, to separate the connecting cable with 3-pin XLR from the body of the microphone.We offer optional four color-coded bodies, which are powder blue, pink, dark gray and viridescent finish. It also provides the optional gold or platinum-finish head grill.


Polar Pattern: Figure-8
Frequency Response: 30Hz〜18KHz
Sensitivity: 1 mV/Pa
Rated Impedance: 250 ohms
Equivalent Noise Level: 18dB (A weight IEC/651)
Max S.P.Lfor 0.5% TH〇 @ 1000Hz: 148dB.

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