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Product Description

The SYC Series is a group of transistor condenser microphones. With transformer-coupled balanced outputs, this kind of design gives the microphone a wide frequency response, smooth response curve, large dynamic range and very low self-noise. The SYC51 is a cardioid pattern condenser microphone with an internal low frequency roll-off switch. The SYC52 featuers two optional switches below the head grille: the low frequency attenuation switch and the sensitivity attenuation switch. The SYC53 has two polar patterns: omni-directional or cardioid, and a low frequency attenuation. They are selectable with two switches below the headgrille. The SYC54 is a large-diaphragm studio microphone with the flat head grille design. Three rotary switches are below the headgrille. On the front of the microphone is a low frequency attenuation switch, as well as the switch for selecting directional characteristic. There are 3 polar patterns: omni-directional, cardioid, and figure-8. On the back of the microphone is a sensitivity attenuation switch. The A Series is designed for professional recording studios, project studios, live recording applications, and stage applications etc.


Polar Pattern(s): cardioid; cardioid; cardioid,omni-directional; cardioid, omni-directional, figure-8.
Frequency Response: 20Hz〜20KHz
Sensitivity: (@ 1000Hz. 94dB S.P.L.) 12.5mV/Pa; 12.5mV/Pa; 10mV/Pa; 10mV/Pa
Rated Impedance: < 200 ohms
Equivalent Noise Level: 17dB, 17dB, 18dB, 18dB(A weight IEC 651)
Max S.P.L for 0.5% THO @ 1000Hz: 126dB, 126dB, 138dB, 38dB
Power Requirement: 48V

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