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Product Description

The R20 Series is the upgrade aluminum ribbon microphone. It inherits the elegant shape and clean sound of the former R10, but it's small. We improved its transformer in order to enhance the output voltage. The output voltage of the R20 is as high again as the former R10, achieved 2mV/ Pa.

The SYR-20 head grill is a slope, the SYR-21 head grill is a cylinder and the SYR-22 head grill is a dome.

We offer optionalfour color-coded bodies,which are powder blue, pink, dark gray and viridescent finish.


Polar Pattern: Figure-8
Frequency Response: 30Hz〜18KHz
Sensitivity: 2mV/Pa
Rated Impedance: 600 ohms
Equivalent Noise Level: 18dB (A weight I EC/651)
Max S.P.L for 0.5% THO @ 1000Hz: 142dB.

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