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Product Description

The SYT-28 is a small tube condenser microphone. This microphone is tall and thin in stature and its diameter is only 28.5 millimeters. The SYT-28's capsule is coupled through a dedicated low-noise FET driven the triode wiring on specially selected miniature pentode tube 6J1B power the electronics in a class A design to yield low noise and incredibly realistic dynamic response. To get the best: smooth vintage tone combined with modern studio high-fidelity specs. This microphone has a -15dB pad and a low frequency roll off switch. It comes standard with a cardioid polar pattern. In order to be suitable for different needs, it has also three optional direction characteristics, you can purchase separate capsules that allow you to change the pattern to omni-directional, wide-angle cardioid or hyper-cardioid. The SYT-28 is ideal for any professional studio, concert halls, live recording important isolation sessions, including minimizing bleed between a vocalist and their own instrument and recording all kinds of musical instruments.

The SYT-28 has two modes:

SYT-28A's sound-inlet-grille is rugged stainless steel mesh cap;
SYT-28B's sound-inlet-grille is a round-hole punched brass cap.

The SYT-28 comes with its own power supply (a requirement for a tube microphone), a microphone cable with male/female 7-pin XLR connectors 10-meters, dedicated shock-mount, foam windscreen and aluminum carrying case.


Frequency Response: 30~20000Hz
Sensitivity: 34dB
Polar Pattern: Omni-directional, Wide-angle cardioid, Cardioid and Hyper-cardioid
Rated Impedance: 200 ohm
Maximum SPL: 136dB/150dB for 1 % T.H.D.
Equivalent Noise Level: 18dB (A weight IEC 651)

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