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Product Description

The SYT-3000 tube condenser microphone has a special design for capsule, and moreover, our design differs from others in that we use triode wiring on specially selected low-noise pentode vacuum tube ( 6J1) to yield low noise and incredibly realistic dynamic response. The connoisseurs with the high quality sound will remember the special timbre of this microphone because of its warm and soft sound. An embedded 3-position polar pattern switch provides a choice of cardioid, figure-8 or omni-directional polar pattern. The high-pass filter and the attenuation switches are located on the rear of the microphone body and provide the versatility and flexibility demanded in the professional recording environment and instruments.

The SYT-3000's mount is located on the two shoulders of the microphone body and works together with the 'U-shaped' stand clamp. Also there is a shock-absorbing device in this microphone capsule, designed to isolate the microphone body from low-frequency energy when mounted on a microphone stand. So the SYT-3000 microphone is ideal for project studio and concert hall use, as it can be used for live recording important isolation sessions and recording all kinds of musical instruments.


Frequency Response: 20〜20000Hz
Sensitivity: -37dB
Polar Pattern: Cardioid, Omni-directional and Figure-8
Rated Impedance: 200 ohm
Maximum SPL: 148dB for 1% T.H.D.
Equivalent Noise Level: 18dB (A weight IEC 651)

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